Our present location is:

721 Clementi West Street 2, #01-118, Singapore 120721

      Telephone   6777 0422  (3:00 ~ 8:30pm, no faxes please)

      Mobile   8158 8138  (24 hours)


We are NO longer at Serene Centre.



   Our Management Philosophy

At Sovi Music School, we try to make things happen for our Students and Colleagues.    

For our Students, we try to respond to your needs by encouraging you in your music practice, and by creating opportunities for music performance.  

For our Colleagues, we try to respond to your needs by listening to your feedback, and by implementing your suggestions to the extent that our resources and facilities permit.  

By making things happen for our Students and Colleagues, Sovi keeps itself in a state of constant change, and is thus better able to stay relevant in an ever changing and complex world.  


   Our Education Philosophy

At Sovi Music School, we are not in the business of teaching music. Rather, we are in the business of finding

encouraging ways to share our music knowledge and expertise with our Students (regardless of their race,

nationality and religion) so our Students may be satisfied with their own abilities to make progress (no matter

how little) in the field of music.





Here, we share our experiences with music teaching, practice and research.



Here, we share general information about Sovi Music School, as well as events and happenings at Sovi Music School.



Here, we share information about performances involving Sovi Students, Sovi Teachers and Guest Performers.


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